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FALL 2012

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Project Report
by Ray Thiel
Updated - 9/15/2012


The Club, the DEEP and the NRCS are working together to improve the wildlife habitat on nearly 50 acres of our Voluntown/North Stonington property. The efforts include control of invasive plant species, planting native shrubs for cover, creating forest clearings, and building brush piles. There are two programs providing funding and services to help create this new and improved habitat.

The Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP) is a project where the Club is reimbursed for specific habitat improvement activities specified in a contract with the NRCS. The DEEP prepared a conservation plan for our property, is providing technical assistance, and is performing all the work involved with treating invasive plant species. The WHIP efforts involve approximately 40 acres in 6 separate locations around the property. We have engaged a land management contractor and the WHIP efforts have started. There is a map showing the areas affected by WHIP and the schedule for the WHIP efforts provided below.

The Landowner Incentive Program (LIP) is a project where the DEEP pays a contractor directly for the effort associated with reclaiming approximately 8 acres of overgrown fields behind the trout pond. The DEEP and the Club are sharing the cost of the LIP project on a 75/25 percent basis. The DEEP selects the contractor to reclaim the fields and build brush piles, and is performing the work associated with treating the invasive plant species in this area. The Club's contribution comes from providing publicity for the program, administrative efforts, planting shrubs, and maintenance of the fields. The LIP project work to control invasive plants has started. The field work will be performed next year. A map of the area impacted by the LIP project is provided below.

Photographs showing the progress of both projects are available by clicking the appropriate "play" button below. Address any questions concerning either of these programs to Ray Thiel at prma1@comcast.net.

Areas affected by the Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP).

Areas affected by the Landowner Incentive Program (LIP)

WHIP Schedule


Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program
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Landowners Incentive Program
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