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1. Shooting hours; Scheduled Events as determined by the Sporting Clays Committee.

2. Authorized firearms are; All types of centerfire shotguns (12 GA max.)

3. Authorized ammunition; Shotshell loads up to and including 12 GA, 3-1/4 DR EQ, #7-1/2.

4. Authorized targets; Clay targets only.

5. Firearms shall not be loaded until shooter is on station.

6. No more than TWO shells may be loaded at one time.

7. Shooting shall be from the designated stations ONLY!

8. Firearms shall NEVER be pointed directly toward the trapper.

9. Firearms shall be carried with the actions open between stations.

10. All persons shall use only the designated pathways when traveling between stations.

11.     For guidelines concerning proper methods for shooting Sporting Clays, contact the Committee Chairman.

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