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Rev. 8/16/17

  1. Private Land Consent Forms should be completely filled out prior to being signed by either the President, Vice President or any authorized Executive Board member. As of the Fall 2014 season, Bill Salisbury is authorized to sign the consent forms.

  2. The Executive Board will determine the number of hunters allowed to hunt turkeys on the Stonington property.

  3. Turkey hunting is restricted to members only on the Stonington property.

  4. Hunting by family members (Eligible family members are the spouse, and children, grandchildren, and stepchildren who are under 18 years old) is allowed on the Voluntown/North Stonington property only. Family members must have their own, signed Private Land Consent forms and can only hunt when accompanied by the related Club member. A Club member may accompany only one Family member at a time. The Club member is responsible for the actions of their family members.

  5. The bag limit on the Voluntown/North Stonington property is no more than three turkeys per member per calendar year. Turkeys taken by Family members apply to the memberís annual Club bag limit.

  6. Adult Family members must hunt within 100 yards of the related Club member to allow easy verbal communication. Junior hunters (ages 12 to 15) must hunt in the immediate vicinity of the related Club member to allow full supervision at all times.

  7. Turkey hunting shall be conducted in accordance with all Connecticut Hunting Laws and Regulations.

  8. Turkey hunters hunting on the Stonington property must sign in and out using the logbook kept opposite the vending machines inside the clubhouse. Turkey hunters hunting at the Voluntown/North Stonington property must sign in and out in accordance with the Voluntown/North Stonington Grounds Rules.