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(Revised 8/9/17)

The Club maintains a private state regulated hunting preserve and regulated dog training area for upland bird hunting in North Stonington/Voluntown. These rules apply to this program.

1. All hunters, their family members and guests must sign in and out when on the property during the hunting season whether they are hunting or not! Please print legibly.

2 All junior hunters (12 through 15 years of age) must have passed a hunter safety course. They must also be accompanied by a club member over 18 years old. There can be only one junior hunter per member.

3. Guest fees are as posted. Guests over 18 years old are limited to 6 hunting trips per season before they have applied for Club membership. Guests must be accompanied by a member at all times! Guests are the responsibility of the member. A member may accompany one guest junior hunter and any number of adult guests; however only one limit of birds can be shot by the guest(s). Junior hunters that are guests do not have to pay guest fees.

4. Family members (Spouse, lineage grandparents and parents, lineage brothers and sisters, lineage children and grandchildren, stepchildren) are exempt from guest fees. Members are fully responsible for the actions of all family members. Family of Club members can shoot their own limit.

5. Bird prices are as posted. Log the number of birds taken. Tag ALL birds taken.".

6. Payment of guest fees and bird fees should be placed in the provided envelopes and deposited in the funds container located adjacent to the door to the parking lot.

7. The starting time for all Stocking Days is 0900 and 0800 on all other days. Hunting hours end at sunset. Exceptions will be posted.

8. Bag limit is TWO pheasants per day. There is no limit on quail and chukar when they are stocked. The bag limit may change due to special conditions as determined by the Game Committee Chairman. Special bag limits will be posted if in effect.

9. Birds will be stocked on weekends and certain holidays beginning in early October and continuing through March.

10. No shooting within 500 feet of the buildings.

11. No dogs, members or guests are allowed in the pheasant pen area. Dogs must be leashed at all times while not hunting during hunting season. Dogs must not be allowed to run free and continue hunting when you cannot or do not intend to shoot another bird. No more than two dogs per hunter.

12. State game laws shall be obeyed at all times on all game except stocked birds, which are covered under State Game Preserve Regulations.

13. FLUSHED BIRDS SHOULD BE PURSUED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to maximize chances of relocating and harvesting the bird. IF YOU SHOOT AT A BIRD, YOU MUST ASSUME IT HAS BEEN WOUNDED and make a concerted effort to recover the bird. Selective shooting of roosters is PROHIBITED!

14. HUNTER ORANGE IS REQUIRED in accordance with State Hunting Regulations. A hunter orange hat is also required. All persons using the property during the hunting season must conform to the hunter orange requirements during the bird hunting season. Archery deer hunters must wear hunter orange while moving to and from their tree stands.

15. Dog owners must keep their dogs under reasonable control so as to minimize interference with the efforts of other hunters or their dogs (e.g., busting in on dogs on point), and so that their dogs do not repeatedly flush birds out of range. Repeated violations of this rule will result in restrictions on the times when the member may hunt with the problem dog. Unrestricted hunting with this dog will only be allowed after the dog handler demonstrates to the Game Committee Chairman that he has gained, and can maintain reasonable control of the dog.

16. A 10 acre regulated dog training area is available for use year round. This area must be reserved in advance by contacting the Game Committee Chairman to make sure that procedures specific to dog training are understood. Shooting birds for training purposes (birds must be provided by the dog trainer) is allowed (including on Sundays) in the training area. Dog training outside the hunting season may take place off the leash anywhere on the property with the following exceptions. All dogs must be leashed at all times to not interfere with fishing activities. Training of dogs in the pond is acceptable only if it in no way interferes with fishermen. Please use discretion. Additionally, dogs must be on their leash near the pheasant pens, and near any buildings (other than the clubhouse). Dogs must be kept out of any areas that have been cultivated. Potentially aggressive dogs or dogs that have a history of aggression toward other dogs must be kept on their leash or kenneled before or after hunting.

17. There will be no bird hunting or dog training during the shotgun/rifle deer season except on Sundays.

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