Rules for becoming an approved Instructor and getting approval to use club for courses.


Course Notification Form

Policy and Procedures for approval to hold training courses at GSC


All forms are sent to me, Education/Instruction Committee Chairman, no need to get Executive Committee approval.

Please review the requirements below as this is what the GSC board agreed to in 2017 as club requirements.

If you have a co-instructor, they also must meet the same requirements (including insurance).

Any non-club member attending your course must sign the GSC Waiver and Release Agreement that is in binders at any one of the ranges (just as any visitor would need to do) It is highly encouraged that you have only one person at the line for live fire portion of the class, if you have an assistant, they can conduct live fire at the same time.

As far as instructor certification is concerned, PDF versions (preferred) emailed to me that contain expiration dates are required.

Insurance binders with GSC and the club address noted as covered under the policy is requires. Please email me a copy for the club records.

The link at the top is the course notice, you will need to provide to me 2 to 3 weeks before the class. Just fill it out and print to a PDF document and send by email. I will respond within a couple of days to confirm. Permission to hold the class must be confirmed by email. If you do not hear from me please remind me of your request.

When the class is finished, fill in the second half of the course notice and email it to me for my records.

If you have something “crop up” and need a class approved on short notice, I can be flexible, just let me know, just don’t make it a habit.

I do not handle the money, you must send a copy of the completed (final) course notice with monies collected for non-club members to the club treasurer.

There is a safe in the clubhouse that you can drop a clearly marked and sealed envelope to the club treasurer.

If you have any questions please feel free to call.

Good Luck,

Michael Peterson

Requirements for qualified club members to conduct courses of instruction at Groton Sportsmen’s Club (GSC)

NOTE: Live fire training at the Groton Sportsmen’s Club for State Certified Pistol Permit classes is the goal. Courses that incorporates sustained frequent rapid fire training is not part of the mission of the club.

  1. Copy of a current instructor certification on file with Education Committee Chair for courses you wish to teach. This is to establish you as a recognized instructor at GSC.


  1. File pre class information form with the Education Committee Chair with 2 to 3 weeks’ notice prior to class (exceptions possible).

Course Description

Expected Number of Students

Name(s) of instructor(s)

Date, Classroom times, Range times (approx.) (identify which range is being used)

  1. File post class information form with the Education Committee Chair.

Number of students attended and number passed

Fees collected for club.

  1. 15% flat fee for range use for non-club members to paid to the club with the post class form.
  2. Instructors are responsible to notify Club President and Education/Instruction Committee Chair of any incidents immediately.
  3. In order to teach courses not sanctioned by the state of Connecticut to non-club members that include live fire as part of the training, proof of insurance at $1,000,000 (one million) is required for both the lead and support instructors. Insurance binders with GSC and the club address noted as covered under the policy is requires. This record need to be on file with the Education/Instruction committee Chair.

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