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1. The season typically opens at 7:am the Saturday prior to the State season and closes on the last day of March. Specific dates are set each year by the Fish Committee.

2. Members must have their membership card on their person while fishing at the pond. Failure to comply will be reason for immediate challenge by any other member in good standing, and if not satisfied that this person is legally entitled to fish as set forth by the Club Rules, he will be asked to leave the premises. Fishing permits are required and may be obtained from Committee Chairman or a designee at a cost of ten dollars ($10.00) per year.

3. Fishing will be restricted to family members, including, spouse, lineage (grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, children, grandchildren and stepchildren). If family members are challenged, they must give the name of the member with whom they are fishing. Members are accountable for the actions of all family members.

4. A guest can be invited for a five dollar ($5.00) guest fee, per day. The pond will be open to guests the Saturday following Opening Day and must be accompanied by a permit holding club member. The guest must fish under the member's creel limit (three fish limit combined, member and guest). Fees are payable in the Clubhouse. Mark envelope "FISH" and insert in strongbox. All other rules apply to guests.

5. The sign-in book will be kept in the sign-in box next to the pond. Before starting to fish, families and members must sign in. Upon completion of fishing, members will record the number of fish taken, the species, and the type of equipment used (fly, spinning or bait). All members will sign out whether or not they have kept fish. This will be strictly enforced.


6. Fishing must be done by rod and reel. Only one rod per person is allowed in use at one time.

7. The daily creel limit is three (3) trout per member with a maximum total of six (6) trout per week. Trout caught on bait or treble hooks must be creeled and cannot be released. All trout taken out of the water and/or creeled must be kept. The member's family who accompany him will be fishing on the member's daily creel limit. The member who has creeled his daily creel limit must cease fishing.

8. The use of corn, cheese or marshmallow as bait is "PROHIBITED"

9. Small boat and canoe use is permitted from June 1st until September 15. all Vehicles transporting such craft must be parked in the designated parking area adjacent to the Voluntown Club House after launching. Launching of watercraft after June 1 may be done at any location on the pond. The pond will be closed to the use of boats for fishing on September 15.

10. Deliberate snagging of fish is "FORBIDDEN".

11. Trashcans are available for the convenience of members and shall be used for trash associated with fishing. Members will be held responsible for keeping the premises neat and orderly. Trashcans are also provided near the parking area.

12. Parking of personal vehicles will be restricted to the designated parking area adjacent to the Club House. Anyone who has a handicap may obtain permission from the Fish Committee Chairman to park in the area above the sign-in box.

13. All dogs shall be leashed at all times so as to not interfere with fishing activities. Training of dogs in the pond is acceptable on a not to interfere basis. Please use discretion.

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