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Voluntown/North Stonington (V/NS) Grounds Rules

Revised 8/26/15

  1. There are no motor vehicles or bicycles allowed on Club property unless they are used as part of a work party, the Game or Grounds Committee Chairman authorizes their use, or you are authorized by the Fish Committee Chairman to park in the handicapped areas for used for fishing. Small boats can be used on the pond from June 1st until September 15th. Driving to the pond to launch your boat is allowed but you must park in the parking area adjacent to the clubhouse after launching.

  2. There is no target shooting or skeet shooting allowed except at authorized ranges.

  3. There is no use of firearms allowed on Club property when alcohol is being or has been consumed.

  4. There is no firewood cutting allowed without specific permission from the V/NS Grounds Committee Chairman.

  5. When authorized, firewood cutting during the rifle/shotgun deer hunting season is limited to Sunday afternoons only. When authorized, firewood cutting on Saturdays and Sundays during the bird hunting season is only allowed after noon.

  6. Hunter orange clothing must be worn in accordance with the Clubís upland bird hunting rules (i.e., 400 sq.in. plus an orange hat) while using the property for any reason (e.g., cutting firewood, hiking, fishing) during the bird hunting season (September 15 through March 31).

  7. There is no unauthorized entry into the pheasant pen area by members, guests or their dogs.

  8. There is no trespassing allowed on the lawn area of the rental property.

  9. There are no open fires allowed without the permission of the V/NS Grounds Committee Chairman.

  10. Log in and out in the clubhouse whenever using the Club property for any purpose. Use the log book appropriate for your activity (i.e., the miscellaneous activities log book which covers activities such as target shooting on the 500 yard range, fishing, hiking, work parties, using the parking area to hunt the state forest, turkey hunting and archery practice, and the upland bird hunting, deer hunting, and dog training log books). There are supplemental log books in the 500 yard range shooting house, and in the fishing sign in box which must also be used. If for any reason you canít gain access to the clubhouse to sign in or out, there is a box with a notepad outside the clubhouse door where you must sign in and out.

  11. If you are the last person using the property when you sign out, ensure that all electrical appliances in the clubhouse are off and unplugged, the gas for the stove or grill is off, the lights are off and the doors are locked.

  12. There can be no sleeping overnight in the clubhouse.

  13. There is no smoking in the clubhouse.

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Rules and Regulations